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Wilmette Valley

Wilmette Valley

At approximately 2:06am on January 1st, the sky above a sleepy little city in South Dakota split in two. The mountains shook and rumbled, and lightning sizzled and snapped. A sonic boom shook the glass in every windowpane in town…and then, silence followed. Wilmette Valley had taken on two new citizens on that cold evening…and was about to take on a whole lot more.

When the dimension shifted to allow for the past to blend to the present, a tear was created in the fabric of reality. Other dimensions began to bleed into our earthly plane, no longer held in place by the barrier that once separated them. Creatures only the wildest of imaginations could produce filtered in through this portal, flooding the countryside and scattering to the wind. Travel between the Earth and these alternate worlds became possible for humans an supernaturals alike. Wilmette Valley had, in a single night, become a portal…an inter-dimensional highway shrouded with mystery and intrigue.


There are some frontiers that nature never intended for earthly beings to venture into. She has given us the mysteries of the deep. She has given us the adventures of the lush rain forests. She has even given us planets, that provided the proper technology, we can explore.

It should have been enough. Our curiosity should have been satisfied with these great wonders… But it wasn’t.

Nature has laws, rules that must never be broken or life can simply never exist as it once did. She tried to make them clear, but our society is a selfish one. We offered her no consideration, and for that, we shall suffer on our earthly plane.

Time travel was never our right. The very laws of physics forbids it. To find a loophole, to rearrange the very building blocks life itself was founded on…it is no wonder that what would follow would be a nightmare. The past, the present, and the dimensions in between were never meant to meet, after all. What will happen if the past and the present collide again? Is it possible that more visitors from the past might come forth? What little remains of the veil is so fragile—what horrors could be imposed on the members of the Valley if it decays completely?

Only time will tell.

Welcome to Wilmette Valley, where things are not what you expect!

We have action, we have NPCs you are free to control, we love people with initiative. And we are not the usual sandboxy RPG, neither a narrative-driven one, but a story-focused writing community where each actively writing characters can make a difference and an impact on the overall plot. We are writing collaboratively a coherent story with many sideplots aside of it.

We have 4 ships of various allegiances to crew and islands belonging to the French and British crown to populate. Men aboard any ship are strongly recommended as first characters, and civilians as secondary ones. No more female sailors are allowed.

* * * * *

It’s 1720 in the West Indies. Peace is to be signed soon, and the former enemies will get allied against the common foe - pirates, looting indiscriminately. Privateers remain in the business only for hunting pirates. Will our pirate crew survive?

Which side are you on? Sharpen your blades, load your guns, drain that last sip of rhum and join our adventures, spreading death BEFORE THE MAST!

Dissendium-AU Harry Potter RPG

Site Home || Invasion Plot || Event Info

Phase Two of the Cyber-Invasion has officially begun! You can still post in the threads from Phase One in existing threads, but now you can create new ones for Phase Two! Time to go to Cardiff and stop the Cybermen from using the Rift — and to take down the Cyber-Planner.

Site Home || Invasion Plot || Event Info

Phase Two of the Cyber-Invasion has officially begun! You can still post in the threads from Phase One in existing threads, but now you can create new ones for Phase Two! Time to go to Cardiff and stop the Cybermen from using the Rift — and to take down the Cyber-Planner.

The 188: A Fallout: New Vegas RP

THE 1 8 8 ~ a post-endgame Fallout: New Vegas RPG

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The end of the year 2281 looms large over the denizens of the Mojave Wasteland, and though the landmark year may be over, Courier Six’s troubles certainly aren’t. It’s been two months since her victory atthe Dam for an independent Vegas, and still Six struggles to keep peace in the Mojave. With the NCR holding significant bases in the desert and Caesar’s Legion looming at Fortification Hill, life and the political culture remains turbulent. Independence doesn’t necessarily mean peace, and as far the various wasteland factions are concerned, the Mojave is still up for grabs. As Six and the rest of the New Vegas inhabitants—her friends, her enemies, her allies, and forces unknown—fight to carve an existence for themselves in this new landscape, they begin to wonder if the old saying is true—maybe war never does change. 

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Sep 2

Adaril roleplay (fantasy original characters forum)

Adaril is a fairly diverse continent filled with different type of people, from dwarves and merfolks to elves, humans, fairies or centaurs. The land is under the rule of an empire and divided in 12 different duchies, all of them unique. Of course the political situation, while stable, still is pretty tense due to the land’s rich history, which makes for an interesting place to live in. Depending on your character’s race, tribe and beliefs, others will see and act toward them differently. It is set in a medieval like land, with a few modern twists and a touch of steampunk. The world will evolve with your actions, making it for a fun and challenging roleplay. We hope to organise many events related to the cultural and political situation of the land too, to add even more spice to the roleplay.


We’re a small but friendly community, more than happy to welcome new members; we’re a PG-13 forum and people of any level in English can join as long as they are nice and can roleplay decently/be understood. There is a limit of 3 characters per person, though after some set amounts of posts that limit is widened and you may get more characters to play as. We also offer predefined characters if you do not feel like writing a brand new character for this forum. We’re looking forward to rping with you!


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Sep 1

Stormcrown, an 18+ 3/3/3 Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Roleplay

[Image: stormcrown_ad_img.jpg]
Rules | Plot | Canons | Wanted Characters | No Word Count | 18+
[Image: l3_s3_v3.gif]

The Snow Tower is kingless, bleeding.

And thus Skyrim is sundered even in the wake of Alduin’s defeat, for the division of the Civil War continues. Old and new forces alike seek to unite the land, no matter the cost. But their efforts may prove stymied by the Thalmor as well as each other.

Stormcrown is an 18+ Skyrim roleplay, focused on the aftermath of the game. We offer both canon and custom lore-based factions and plots, and are currently seeking canon and original characters.

Sep 1

Time Lords Online

Finally, a unique RPG that caters to a niche as yet unfulfilled; Doctor Who fans! In Time Lords Online, you can meet your favourite Doctor Who-supporting characters and companions, engage in noble conflict with each and every incarnation of the Doctor and battle the many adversaries the Doctor faces on his travels such as the Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels and the most formidable of them all - The Master! Time Lords Online is constantly updated with new content and is considering featuring material from the entire Whoniverse in the near future. Join, and assume the role of an aspiring Time Traveller today! Play as a Human, or Alien? Abide by Intergalactic Law, or turn renegade vigilante? Donate to the site, helping pay for faster servers, and receive special rewards in thanks! There are innumerable questions that you must ponder, so go ahead and answer them whilst you still can.